Monday, January 24, 2011

Classic Ripples Baby Blanket

Adapted from a washcloth pattern, this sweet blanket is my version of the classic baby ripple afghan. It's the perfect work of heart for a hopechest or baby shower. The finished blanket is puffy and soft with its thick, rolling ridges, but lacy strips add a delicate touch. With a little math, you could easily adapt this pattern for other size blankets. Customize your look by playing with the stripe width and trying different color schemes. Easily memorized, the pattern is suitable for a beginner and affords great practice in the shaping techniques of yarn over and knit two together.

Please note: The yarn weights listed are approximate. If you use a no-dyelot yarn like Caron Simply Soft, you can estimate on the yardage and buy more if you need it. Otherwise, dig out your scraps and mix 'n match; because the size and stripe width are flexible, you can use whatever combination of yarn you have on hand. Any soft worsted weight yarn will work.

  • Caron Simply Soft (100% acrylic, worsted weight, no dye lot yarn):
    3 oz. each of Soft Yellow (Y), Soft Green (G), & Soft Blue (B); 4 oz. Pink (P); 12 oz. White (W)
  • 1 pair US size 7 (4.5 mm) circular needles, at least 29 in. long (used to hold large # of sts)
  • yarn needle, measuring tape, scissors

Row 1: On a multiple of 58 sts plus 4, K2. Then *K2, YO, K4, (K2tog) twice, K4, YO, K1, YO, K4, (K2tog) twice, K4, YO, K2. Rep. from * to last 2 sts. K2

Row 2: K4. P to last 4 sts. K4.

Row 3: K.

Rows 4-12: Rep. rows 1-3 3 times more.

These 12 rows complete one pattern sequence (PS).

With (P), loosely CO 178 sts. Complete 1 PS. Switch to (W) and complete another PS. Continuing to switch colors, complete 1 PS each in (Y), (W), (G), (W), (B), (W). Repeat this color pattern [(P), (W), (Y), (W), (G), (W), (B), (W)] 2 times more. Switch to (P). Work rows 1-11. BO loosely knitways. Weave in all loose ends.

Approx. finished size: 34 in. wide x 37 in. long

This pattern is on Ravelry!


Anonymous said...

there is no right side or wrong side?

also in row 1, should it end perfectly from * to *

RoadToGrinnell said...

Nope, the blanket is reversible.

The extra 2 sts on either side of the repeat give you a 4 st garter stitch border on either side. It is optional, but you'll need to subtract 4 sts from your CO if you want to remove it.

Sue Kruger said...

I would like to make this for a young child, do you think it should be wider? Should I just add 58 more stitches?? Thanks for any help, Sue K

Sue Kruger said...

Why is there a multiple of 58 sts when the pattern repeat is 29 sts. With this in mind, would it be ok to just add 29 sts to make it wider? I know I can adjust the length & color pattern. Thanks, Sue K

RoadToGrinnell said...

Sue, the blanket is generously sized and the ribbing stretches, so it's actually a pretty good size as written for a snuggle blanket for a child. Yes, looking at the pattern repeat I believe you could add just 29 sts instead of 58.

Christine said...

Thank you!

Sue Robertson said...

You say there is no right or wrong side, but I find when I change colour one side looks untidy when I change colour it leaves a line of the previous colour because row 12 and 1 is both knit

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