Howdy!  If you're wondering what this blog is about, I'll give you the short version - I post free knitting and crochet patterns I designed myself!  (If you're looking for paper-craft projects, I have those too - check out my Tumblr.)  If you already figured out what this blog was for and now want to know who I am, read on...

My name is Rachel Greene, a wife, author, blogger, and barista from Kansas City, MO, working to put myself through Bible school. All proceeds from pattern sales go towards education expenses. To follow along on my spiritual journey, check out my main blog.

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Please note:  All patterns and pictures posted on this site are (c) by Rachel Greene (Road to Grinnell), unless otherwise noted.  However, unless otherwise noted, items made from the patterns can be used for your personal or commercial use.  If you're interested in republishing one of my patterns, please contact me for permission.  I do not endorse any outbound links displayed at the bottom of the blog; they are part of the licensing agreement for the design template.  If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me.